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Ft. Bliss

"A friend and I were walking back to our billets from across the base at Ft. Bliss on a Saturday.

We were passing by the crypto information center for the Strategic Air command which is located underground in a highly secured area. We looked up at the sky on a very clear night, when we noticed large cloud like puffs, that seemed to come from out of nowhere. Then we saw a UFO that looked to be the shape of a disk/saucer. It came out of the puffs and went directly over the crypto site and stopped abruptly. The UFO was about 100-200 feet from us and about 100-200 feet above. It then shot a beam of light of blue, red, orange, and bright white in the shape of rectangles with spaces between each light which followed in sequence and traveled slowly down and looked to be penetrating the concrete and metal surface. Then the light came out in sequence at around a 45 degree angle rise up to what seemed a fourth or fifth of the way up to the UFO and disappear. It did this for about 5 or 6 minutes but I'm not sure.

The UFO then traveled back into the puffs and shot off at an angle of 45-60 degrees and was gone in a blink of an eye . The puffs were gone also...We felt very calm and different which I can not explain..."

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Ray's Story II

United States of America

I was traveling south on 85 out of Pettersburg VA. headed to Raleigh NC. Looking up in the sky I could see that north star, the one you always see. Well, I noticed this night it was brighter than normal. I then noticed it was a crystal clear night so that maybe why it seemed so bright. After a time I thought it was just too bright, even for a clear night. So I was checking this star out for about 20 mins or so as I was driving down 85. 85 has tall pines down it on both side, so you can only see so much of the sky. Well what ever it was a split in half. One half went to the right, and the other half went to the left, both in a straight line and was gone out of sight in like 4 or 5 seconds... I'm not sure how high up it was. I just told myself, it must be the army doing test or something...but I dont know...

Ray's Story

United States of America

I was setting on girl friends front porch, when something passed over the rear of the house; maybe 20 yards or so up above the back of the house. The way it sounded, I knew what it was; it did scare me and I froze for a few seconds. By the time I got around to the side of the house, it had disappeared over the woods off to the left of the yard...
The way it sounded, I'll never forget... It didn't sound like any other motor I've ever heard. I've never seen a ufo, but I know what one sounds like now... I've only told this story a few times, and always get that weird, roll their eyes around in their head look...

Kelly's UFO Story

Unknown Place

In September 1998 my two friends and I left my friends house to go to the shop at 11pm we walked a couple of streets when my friend told us to look up "theres a ufo in the sky". I thought he was joking and wasting our time.

I walked back to where he was standing in the middle of the road and looked up my other friend also followed and looked. I was amazed to see this craft flying around above our heads. Then another one came. We all stood there in the middle of the road stunned. There was no sound not just the craft but no bird or cars-nothing.

They were sort of playing and making crazy manouvers. Then one left very fast. Then other one lowered above us. The light on it was bright we all watched and followed it down the road.

Next thing we remember is being back at my friends house sitting in his bedroom. We looked at the clock because it seemed to be getting light.It was 5:45! I have no idea what happened to 6 hours. I look at things differently now...

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