Spatial Reasoning (More Examples)

Exercise 3

Do the figures match?


Yes - No

Both figures have the same number of cubes, but they DO NOT match, because the cubes are placed in a different position.

Exercise 4

If you fold the image along the dotted line, which shape (a, b, c) will result?

Spatial Reasoning: Folding Figures

a: Spatial4a b: Spatial4b c: Spatial4c

Answer choice "a" has the same shape than the upper or lower half of the pattern figure.

La figura "a" tiene la misma forma que cualquiera de las mitades de la figura modelo.

Exercise 5

Which one does NOT belong to the group?

a: Spatial5a b: Spatial5b c: Spatial5c d: Spatial5d e: Spatial5e

If we put choice "d" over the other images, it does NOT match.

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