Evaluation of Tests

The tests do not evaluate what people know or what people can do, but what they could do and what they could know, that is to say, their potential.

So, the important thing here is not whether you pass a test or not.

In fact, each company decides which to seek from a Psychotechnical test (eg. for a particular job, the company may not choose people with a higher than average intelligence, according to the test, of course, because they won't play work well).

The tests used in a selection of personnel, often depend on the job, that is, if a person is applying for an administrative employ, they will surely use a numerical test (if numbers are not yours, you will have to emphasize more in other skills as required, or think of other jobs, in which the numbers are not so important).

Thus, we can see that the tests with TOKENS OF DOMINO measure logic abstraction; REASONING TESTS measure powers of adaptation: mental agility, problem solving, etc. and TESTS ON VERBAL UNDERSTANDING measure the understanding of ideas, faculty of analysis and synthesis.

In short, in a test we can find the following points:

Tests of information: They evaluate issues related to vocabulary, verbal fluency and meaning of words.

Arithmetic problems: They try to measure the ability to solve arithmetic problems using mathematical exercises and related issues.

Numerical Series: These exercises test the ability to solve arithmetic and mathematic problems, becoming a good way to measure the inductive reasoning or abstract reasoning. The numerical series can be presented in a way that the individual should fill in the missing numbers or choose the next issue among several possible alternatives.

Literacy Series: Just as with the numerical series, They also measure abstract reasoning.

Problems of non-verbal reasoning: These tests have been created with pictures or symbols to measure general intelligence or abstract reasoning.

Visualization Exercises: They evaluate the ability to capture spatial relationships. They are important for people who must manage objects, machines, drawings, etc.

Mechanical ability tests: They try to identify those individuals with an aptitude for mechanical and maintenance work.

Personality tests: They try to find character traits, according to the job profile: introverted or extroverted, dynamic or passive, optimistic or pessimistic, with initiative or submissive, impulsive or moderate, and so on.

Managerial skill Tests: These are used to measure the ability of perception, reading speed, accuracy in specific activities, arithmetic calculation, data verification, spelling, archival, error checking, etc.

However, you will find a guide on the answers below, to help you know your abilities:

Test Scores

Total of Questions: 105 distributed in 14 exercises

100-105 EXCELLENT!


61-80 GOOD

45-60 FAIR



Test 1



Transl. by Omar Castaño P

- Practice with different kinds of tests. There are manuals with real proofs -apart from those that can be found on the Web- which can help you get an overall idea of the kind of questions that are usually done in the different companies and / or colleges and universities.

- Calm down and stay relaxed. Consider that most issues are matters on which you already have a prior knowledge. Nerves will only block you.

- Before answering the test, read and understand the instructions. Ask about any unclear thing. Ask about whether errors discount. If not, dare to answer all the questions in the test.

- Try to concentrate and don't get distracted. Time passes rapidly.

- Once you had begun with the test, work quickly and diligently. Do not waste your time with a question that you don't know, go to the next one -this is a very important key-.

- If it is a personality test, do not lie or try to give a false idea of what you are.

- Each test is a different one and there is no formula for realizing them. Therefore, trust yourself and don't be afraid of this type of exercises.

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