Mechanical Reasoning

Mechanical reasoning measures the ability to understand basic mechanical principles of machinery, tools, and motion.

Mechanical reasoning tests measure your knowledge of straightforward mechanical and physical concepts.

Mechanical and Physical Reasoning Examples

Exercise 1

Which direction will gear "D" be going?


1. Same as "A"

2. Same as "B"

3. Same as "C"

Let's see:

Answer Ex 1

"A" goes clockwise.

"B" goes counterclockwise.

"C" goes clockwise.

"D" goes counterclockwise.

Gear "D" will be going the same as "B". (Answer Choice 2)

Exercise 2

Which chain will hold the sign?


1. A    2. B    3. Both    4. Neither

Because of the weight of the sign, chain "B" will hold it.

Exercise 3

If Triangle "A" weighs 10 kg, how much does Triangle "B" weigh?

Mechanical 3

1. 10 Kg

2. 20 Kg

3. 25 Kg

4. 15 Kg

Because of the point of support is centered and the triangles are at the same level, Triangle "B" weighs the same as "A" (Answer choice 1: 10 kg).

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