Test 1:

(01. b) 1+(2)=3+(4)=7+(6)=13+(8)=21; Adds even numbers.

(02. b) Lessens from 99 and increases from 1 alternating.

(03. a) Moves forward 1+1/2 wall clockwise.

(04. a) Red: left-right; right-left. White: same place.

(05. a) Red: left-right; right-left. White: from corner to corner, alternating, clockwise.

(06. b) Squares without arrows.

(07. c) Skips 2 letters.

(08. a) Increases number in repeated letter. Alphabetical Order.

(09. c) Black and White: from corner to corner; clockwise.

(10. b) Black: 1/2 wall. White: from corner to corner. Both: clockwise.

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