Syllogism Testing Exercise 2

By Omar Castaño P.

Multiple Choice

Identify the letter of the choice (a, b, c) that answers the question:

1. Albert is more intelligent than Louis. Louis is more intelligent than Charles.

Who is the least intelligent of them?

a. Albert. b. Louis. c. Charles.

a   b   c

2. The black car is newer than the gray one. The gray car is older than the green car.

What is the oldest car?

a. Black car. b. Gray car. c. Green car.

a   b   c

3. Joseph is less tall than John. John is smaller than Ernest.

Who is the smallest of them?

a. Joseph. b. John. c. Ernest.

a   b   c

4. The green watch is less expensive than the blue watch. The blue watch is more expensive than the white one.

Which watch is the least cheap?

a. Green watch. b. Blue watch. c. White watch.

a   b   c

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