Syllogism Testing Exercise 1

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Multiple Choice

Identify the letter of the choice (a, b, c, d) that best completes the statement or answers the question:

3. All flowers are pretty objects.

All pansies are flowers.


a. Some Panises Are Pretty Objects.

b. All Pansies Are Pretty Objects.

c. All Flowers are Pretty Objects.

d. None of the above.

a   b   c   d

4. No animals are plants.

All sheep are animals.


a. All sheep are plants.

b. All animals are sheep.

c. Some Sheep Are Plants.

d. None of the above.

a   b   c   d

1. All fragile things are breakable things.

Some glassses are fragile things.


a. Some Glasses will break.

b. Some Glasses are breakable things.

c. Some things are breakable.

d. None of the above.

a   b   c   d

2. All mammals are warm-blooded animals.

All whales are mammals.


a. All Whales are Warm-Blooded Animals.

b. All Animals are whales.

c. All Warm-Blooded Whales are animals.

d. None of the above.

a   b   c   d

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